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Wellness Services and Payment Agreement

Life Force Management USA offers a wide range of wellness services that incorporate a multitude of modalities and assessments that are essential in aligning the body, mind and emotions to optimum health.

It is imperative for the practitioner to use different assessments periodically to determine what area of the body needs the most attention. We ask that the client is fully committed to their health and wellbeing before entering into a Life Force Management USA Wellness program. Life Force Management USA is 100 % committed to getting the client back to optimum health. We will provide our wellness expertise and exceptional customer service to assure you, the client ,have the best experience possible on your journey to optimum health.

Full Body Digital Analysis


Scans start at- $297.00 for first scan and $99.00 for each additional scan for non-members
Contact us about our Life Force Management USA AO Scan Membership benefits, including discounts on all other Life Force Management USA wellness services.
Membership –


For members -$189.00 for first scan and $54.00 for each additional scan